Chance Hill Baptist Church


Testimony by Sis. Vickie Hill

Praise the Lord Saints; I would like to share my personal testimony. On January 16, 2011 Pastor Smith Prophecy that 52 days blessings was going to overflow us. I received that prophecy and claim the overflow blessings and the next week I was offered two positions at Virginia College. I chose the position I wanted. This job will be my highest paid job since I have been in the work force. I thank God for the blessing and I thank Pastor Smith for his obedience to use his gift of prophecy on that day.

Testimony by Sis Julie Williams

Last year was not one of my best years, a lot of things happen to me, identify theft, caught up in a scam, car tore up, death of an uncle, but after hearing Rev. Smith sermon on 52 days, I realize God has been good to me. I was blessed with a new car, a new granddaughter, and peace in my life. This was all God's work. Thank you Rev. Smith for restoring my faith in God. I had almost let the Devil take over, but your sermon and God's grace and mercy saved my soul and restored my faith. Bless You


Testimony by Sister Joyce Dean

 On Tuesday April the 19th, I was delivering mail on Newberg Ave at about 3:00 p.m. when a car slam right into me, he push me pass about 2 or 3 other mail boxes, I just also missed another  brick mail box, I landed half-way on the side walk and half into someone yard.
I then was taken to the Medical Center, the doctor's said that I have 5 fracture ribs, on my left side, the back of my legs and left arm were bruised very bad, he also said that it was good that my ribs were not crack, because if they were they would have puncture my lung and heart.
I thank the LORD for my husband Jimmy and the rest of my family.
I am also glad that we have chosen Pastor Smith to become our Pastor at Chance Hill, since he has been our Pastor, I have a new rewarding up-lifting spirit in me.
It PAY'S to have JESUE CRIST in your life
My GOD Bless Pastor Smith and Family
MY GOD Bless everyone
Love  Sister Joyce Dean

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